Welcome to BEST Company

The BEST Company was established in 2002 Our main business has served customers focally on the computer system of Securities by the expertise of service and knowledge base from managing the front-end computer for stock trading system that we have a apply the new technology and custom our customer’s requirement to success in their industries until now,

Our team Specializes in taking care of main computer system of Securities company Besides,
we are one company who has ever related to taking care of Internet stock trading application and main computer of internet system that support on-line and real-time for investor.

Stock Trading Integration Service

BEST has the stock trading application as a product called “B-Link” which can work on browser technology or Client/Server program so “B-Link” support intranet and internet environment, depending on the user requirement.

“B-Link” service provides Stock trading Application gateway between broker’s server and investor user that ordering stock via the Trading application on customer environment and/or via internet solution access. BEST already has completely technology about Microsoft technology.

Web Integration Service

BEST can provide web customized service for web application service for a broker. We also have the access management tools for broker’s web authentication, security and accounting log such as management tools.

Hardware Integration Service

This service is designed to provide computer service as presale, project manager, project consult installation team and Implementation service. So BEST can implement computer solutions, management, and maintenance services to e-commerce oriented businesses. BEST provides all hardware and service to convenience for our customer.

Business E-Service Technology employees have both the authority and responsibility to contribute directly to business performance.

We strive to provide the best possible working environment, encouraging creative thinking and action in an atmosphere of collegiality.

Due to our continued success, we expect to recruit high-energy professionals to succeed and dare to make the difference. If you want to join our company, work with a talented team, then we want to get to know you better.

Please send us your current CV with detailed professional experience together with your expected remuneration package.

We always provide equal employment opportunities to the successful candidates. For more details about our job vacancies, please feel to contact us via e-mail.

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